New Developments for Red Arrow’s Exterior Lighting Range

New Developments for Red Arrow’s Exterior Lighting Range

Project Overview

Supplying exterior lighting for one of the Nightingale Hospitals Fighting the demand for site lighting and exterior lighting Working with contractors back on site

Key Details


Client: Nightingale Hospitals

Location: London

The LED floodlights market has been gaining momentum in recent years, and with many contractors now safely back on site, Red Arrow have been working on new developments to keep up with the demand.

As you are aware, floodlights add security to outdoor areas of a home, outbuildings, sports arenas, car parks, airports and business premises. They are also used to temporarily illuminate building sites. However, there are installation restrictions, and floodlights will need to be changed if they are causing artificial light nuisance or light pollution. This can be a costly exercise for electricians should they need to make changes once the floodlights are in place.

When tasked with providing exterior lighting for one of the UK’s new Nightingale Hospital, Red Arrow were faced with the challenge of finding products that were robust, high quality and functional while also ensuring light pollution was kept to a minimum.

The project was successfully completed with their SMD floodlights – a range of tough and sturdy aluminium LED floodlights – along with their Diecast LED Circular Bulkheads for the emergency lighting requirement. The result? An aesthetically pleasing finish and a secure, safe lighting installation.

Which products for your project?

While customers don’t need to apply for planning permission, floodlights can be harmful to wildlife and people’s wellbeing, so it’s vital that the intensity and direction of light doesn’t disturb others. This means that beams should not be pointed directly at windows in residential or commercial areas, and security lights fitted with PIRs should be adjusted to minimise nuisance.

But whether you’re installing floodlights on a new development, proposing a change to an existing building, or using temporary site lighting, Red Arrow’s range of floodlights are made for the job.

Slimline 110V Site Lighting

With sites recently reopening, contractors will need a review of their lighting. Red Arrow’s slimline FLAC flood range are suitable for all 110V site lighting applications:

  • Start as low as 33mm deep
  • Constructed from robust diecast aluminium
  • Fitted with surge protection as standard
  • Available in 10W-300W
AC Driver On Board range

For mains voltage, this range is ideal. And with recent enhancements made to the products, including an IP65 rating, added to the photocells, these are ideal for your next project:

  • Available in 100W-300W
  • Life expectancy of 30,000 hours
  • Driver On Board technology
  • Photocell sensor

For more information on these products and to order them in time for your next project, visit our products section.

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