On-Site Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • For every product which we offer on site warranty for. RA offers a limited on-site warranty. The on-site warranty may be subject to prior registration (if required) and any request for on-site support must be made in writing to RA direct.


  • The warranty holder may be requested to complete a warranty claim form prior to any site visit being carried out.


  • RA representative must be allowed to have access to the site if requested; prior to, during and after any work being carried out either on site or remotely.


  • Should the fault arising be due to misuse or incorrect installation of the product, RA reserve the right to charge costs incurred to the point of request for on-site assistance.


  • No third-party costs whatsoever will be agreed to unless they have been confirmed and agreed by RA in writing prior to any works being carried out.


  • Luminaire installation must have been carried out in accordance with BS EN 7671 and all amendments (IET). Provision of latest EICR may be requested. If installation contravenes the protection for safety (Protection against electric shock) part 4, chapter 41 of BS 7671 then no work will be carried out.


  • Access must be granted within normal operating hours and every effort must be made to give availability to onsite access equipment or there will be a limit to the level of on-site support available.


  • RA reserves the right to carry out work with its own qualified engineers or from time-to-time substitute with approved sub-contractors where necessary.


  • Should RA agree under certain circumstances that the on-site contractor or maintenance engineer is authorized to carry out any remedial work then the estimated cost for repair or replacement must be provided prior to any work being carried out. No costs whatsoever will be agreed to unless they have been confirmed and agreed by RA in writing prior to any commencement of work. RA will reserve the right to inspect and approve any work that has been carried out and charged for.


  • RA specifically excludes any third-party charges for travel, accommodation or equipment hire as per the conditions above.
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