How do I place an order?

To place an order, you can either call our sales team on 0114 279 8999 or order directly online using your approved account.

How do I create a trade account?

Click here to submit your trade account application.

What are the benefits of using a trade account?

You can enjoy many benefits such as ordering online, discounted prices, next day delivery, prize draws and more!

Who is my account manager?

You can find out who your account manager is by entering your postcode into the ‘Contact your local sales manager’ section here.

What are your delivery times?

We offer next day delivery for orders placed before 6pm (UK Mainland).

What is your return policy?

Goods which are no longer required or have been wrongly ordered by you will not be accepted back without prior written authorisation from our Customer Services Department with a valid Goods Return Number as such Goods must be in a re-saleable condition (in our reasonable and proper opinion) i.e. current stock, unopened and with no additional markings on the box other than the original.

See section 7 of our Terms and Conditions for full details and contact our returns department at returns@redarrowelectrical.co.uk.

Do you hold stock in the UK?

In the summer of 2020 we moved to a new 55,000 sq ft warehouse in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, which is fully stocked and managed by our own staff.

How much is carriage?

All deliveries in excess of £195.00 net to the UK mainland are supplied carriage free of charge. Deliveries under £195.00 net shall be charged £15.00 for carriage.

For Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man, all deliveries in excess of £395.00 net are supplied carriage free of charge. Deliveries under £395.00 net shall be charged £35.00 per order.

Which courier do you use?

Most next day deliveries are undertaken by FedEx, We also use specialist pallet freight logistic businesses for palletised deliveries and deliveries to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

When is cut off for dispatch?

6pm Monday-Thursday, 5pm Friday.

Do you offer warranty?

You can view our warranty document here.

Do you offer on-site warranty?

We offer on-site warranty on a select range of products. View our full warranty policy here.

What are LEDs?

LEDs are one of the most efficient artificial light sources available; certainly the most efficient for interior light applications where colour appearance and colour rendition are also important. When used in an efficiently designed luminaire optical system, efficacies of up to 200 lm/W can be achieved – significantly more efficient than light sources such as fluorescent lamps. LEDs can also have much longer life expectancy than conventional light sources. However, to enjoy the benefits of LEDs, the luminaire requires careful design to ensure that the optimal electrical and thermal characteristics are observed. LEDs are also highly directional, so care must be taken in optical system design to avoid glare.

What is an IP rating?

Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating) is an industry standard classification system that denotes the level of protection an item of equipment has against both solid and liquid particles, in accordance with BS EN60529.

The code is separated into two numbers, following the letters IP. For example, IP65. The larger the digit, the greater the level of protection. In some cases, one of the numbers may be replaced with an X, e.g. IPX4. This means no data is available to specify a protection rating for either solid or liquid particles, as appropriate.

What is an IK rating?

Impact Protection Rating (IK Rating) is the international standard classification system that indicates the degree of protection provided by an electrical enclosure against external mechanical impacts, in accordance with EN 62262.

The code has a number between 00 and 10. The higher the number, the higher the level of impact protection.

What type of controls can you use with your products?

Many Red Arrow luminaires are already available as options with in built controls, such as PIR (passive infra-red) or microwave detectors for occupancy detection and photocells for automatic dusk to dawn on/off control. We can also modify many luminaires to have these controls where they are not offered as standard. We also offer modifications to add dimmable drivers, such as DALI or 1-10V dimming systems to luminaires, plus a wide range of associated controls. Call our sales team for more information.

What are the benefits of LED lighting?

LED lighting offers many benefits. The most obvious is the significant energy savings that can be achieved by changing conventional light source luminaires to LED. This can often deliver a payback on capital investment of 2 years or less. LEDs also require less maintenance. LEDs last much longer than many conventional sources, meaning fewer or no lamp changes. As LEDs are very small, comparative to the light they emit, it is often possible to miniaturise LED luminaires, offering more aesthetically pleasing solutions.

How many light fittings do I need to use?

We offer a FREE lighting design service to make your product selection even simpler.

Designing a lighting scheme removes any guesswork and helps ensure that the right products are specified for the right job which minimises later issues on site.

Submit your request for a lighting design here.


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