How Red Arrow are Responding to the High Demand

September 14, 2020

How Red Arrow are Responding to the High Demand

  • Newly developed products focused on tackling energy efficiency
  • Flicker free lighting and driver on board technology
  • Localised lighting with sensors, saving energy and money
The demand for industrial lighting is growing, but Red Arrow are fully equipped.
The industrial lighting market is expected to grow by 4.7% over the next six years, with an increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems, new technologies and a range of products. But what is driving this growth and how are Red Arrow keeping ahead of the market?

As you are aware, industrial lighting is typically found in manufacturing environments, such as factories, chemical plants or refineries. Similar to commercial lighting, adequate and well-designed illumination is a key factor in maintaining high worker productivity and employee safety.

Poor lighting causes several issues for employees, including headaches, migraines and eyestrain, but it can also make potential hazards worse – because if visibility is limited, anything can become a dangerous obstacle. And with flickering lights, low light levels and poor colour rendition also contributing to poor productivity, in industrial settings where safety is a primary concern, it’s important to follow best practice when considering your next lighting installation.

What are your requirements?

There are several lighting hazards that can affect the health and safety of people, including but not limited to glare; flicker; uneven lighting; luminaire brightness; insufficient light and improper selection of emergency lighting. Good industrial lighting should always provide improved visibility, upgraded aesthetics, better employee morale, less eye fatigue, enhanced security and better quality control.

However, while a well-lit workspace will enhance output and maintain safety, choosing the right light fittings for each environment’s demands is vital. From the amount of light to the quality of light – flicker, colour rendition, long life and temperature – each setting will require a different solution. For example, in a factory where fine detail work is carried out on a daily basis, the uniformity of light must be considered to avoid unnecessary shadows or reflections. And in large settings, localised lighting with sensors can save on energy and costs.

What do you need?

Representing a significant cost to businesses, poor lighting can result in injuries, increased absence and reduced staff efficiency. But Red Arrow are tackling this head-on with their innovative products:

New UFO Highbay

With a compact, simple, robust design and IP65, Red Arrow’s UFO Highbays can be used where efficient fixed output is all you need. It’s the optimum product for cost-conscious installations.

Weatherguard Plus

Using a flicker-free driver and designed for both new installations or to retrofit into existing installations, Weatherguard can be used in a wide range of areas, offering improved efficacy of 100ml/W. Plus, a future-proofing plug and play replaceable gear tray delivers an extremely long service life and environmental benefits, with the option of an upgradeability.

High-efficiency Commando Highbay

Equipped with high efficiencies of around 130ml/W, a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, IP65, IK10 and a five-year warranty, this range is suitable for all factory and warehouse lighting installations. Supplied with a dimmable gear as standard, it can be used with a range of add-on accessories, such as microwave sensors, remote controls and polycarbonate refractors.

For more information on these products and to order them in time for your next project, head to the Red Arrow website.

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