Red Arrow Electrical Distribution Debuts Redesigned IP65 Non-Corrosive Luminaires

December 10, 2019

Red Arrow Electrical Distribution Debuts Redesigned IP65 Non-Corrosive Luminaires

Corrosion and dust & water ingress are challenging pain points for all contractors, but Red Arrow Electrical Distribution is hoping to directly tackle the problems with its redesigned line of non-corrosive lighting products. The company has redesigned and will shortly release both its Weatherguard and Fortress range, using materials that are designed to last.

Corrosive contamination in light fittings is an increasingly common issue. Materials routinely used in fittings, like steel, are chemically incompatible with traffic-heavy areas, or spaces that emit certain gases. When incorrectly installed in these areas, product life expectancy is shortened, light output rapidly decreases, and colour and tone can shift, with potentially serious health and safety consequences.

The Weatherguard and Fortress luminaire line feature an ABS body and polycarbonate diffusers which have been made to withstand abuse and hostile environments, including dusty or wet/humid rooms, places of potential chemical attacks and anywhere that gases degrade effectiveness.

Tested to IP65, Weatherguard and Fortress are dust-tight and water jet proof, permitting easy cleaning and reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Both luminaires are designed to retrofit into existing legacy installations and come in a wide choice of sizes and lumen output, allowing usage in diverse applications.


Weatherguard has been specifically engineered for areas such as manufacturing plants, plant rooms, car parks, canopies, loading bays, construction sites, showers and changing rooms. It is available in two variants, a slimline version with a 72mm wide body and a larger 103mm wide body version.

Integrators have a choice of 230V mains voltage, 110V site lighting, or body prewired for LED tubes, while there’s an improved efficacy of 100lm/W.


Fortress is suitable for the same spaces as Weatherguard, but its smooth profile also allows for food production areas (where no metal regulations are in force), as they are easier to clean than other IP65 NCF products on the market. Additionally, the Fortress range is ideal for chlorine-based swimming pools and any location that requires a more aesthetically pleasing IP65 luminaire, such as leisure centres and public areas.

It features high efficacy of 110lm/W and comes with a three- or five-year guarantee, versus the standard two-year guarantee that is available on the Weatherguard line-up.

Both the Weatherguard and Fortress ranges are available to purchase very soon.

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