Red Arrow Tackles the Three Main Challenges Contractors Face with LED Installations

January 21, 2020

Red Arrow Tackles the Three Main Challenges Contractors Face with LED Installations

The three main challenges
  • Retrofitting: creating a practical, lower cost and more effective LED replacement
  • Dimming: providing a simple way to dim LED in commercial premises
  • Flicker: avoiding unsightly and inconvenient flicker

Lighting technology has come a long way in the last decade. LEDs are fast replacing conventional lighting, providing higher quality light, better energy efficiency, reduced heat, zero UV emissions and less maintenance. But growing adoption of LED comes with its own set of challenges. Here, we look at how Red Arrow Electrical Distribution are helping LED installers tackle the problems of retrofitting, automated commercial dimming and flicker.

The challenge

Outdated, underperforming lighting can become costly to replace and maintain, and many commercial customers are now choosing to upgrade to LED technology. Retrofitting LEDs in place of an existing lighting system can be a practical, less disruptive option than drilling new holes and fixings into a ceiling, as well as being between 50-75% cheaper than installing an entirely new system.

Yet every space has a unique lighting requirement based on occupation and access to natural light. Finding LED solutions that fit these needs and existing optics and ceiling cut-outs is a significant pain point for contractors.

The solution

Luminaires that are specifically designed to meet the demands of retrofit applications. These promise to:

  • Deliver the right amount of light using existing wiring points
  • Cover or use existing fixings and holes
  • Emit better quality of light
  • Remain flexible for different types of installations
  • Utilise benefits of control
The product

The Red Arrow Discus. With an ultra-slim design and an adaptable surface mount that adjusts for semi recessing to an existing ceiling cut out diameter of 65-205mm, this innovation can be used in multiple retrofit applications. Covering unsightly holes, the Discus cuts down on the cost and time of a complete ceiling refurbishment, while maintaining a quality illumination throughout.

Automated commercial dimming
The challenge

Commercial dimming can be complicated. When faced with complex control systems, low budgets or costly wireless controls, it’s a headache for even the most experienced contractor. But with many homes and businesses looking to lower energy costs and comply with Part L regulations, the demand for simple dimming is rapidly growing.

The solution

Simplicity is the key to successful LED dimming. Many contractors now favour 1-10V LED dimming solutions for larger commercial projects. A mature and well-established technology, 1-10V provides a reliable, eco-friendly, cost-effective and visually consistent dimming method, promising:

  • Easy control via a simple two-wire system
  • No complex programming or commissioning
  • Smoother, more consistent dimming for high numbers of lamps routed on a single circuit
The product

The Red Arrow Compact UFO High Bay. Fitted with a 1-10V driver as standard and onboard dip switches, this is designed to fit directly to a luminaire, wiping out the need for control wiring or programming. With an optical sensor, this high bay allows the contractor and end-user to simply set, fit and forget, while the luminaire automatically switches and dims when the space is not in use.

The challenge

Installers cite flicker as their biggest challenge when installing LED, and the problem has caused so much uncertainty that many contractors have become resistant to installing the new technology. Unfortunately, poor quality, low cost LED luminaires have tarnished the reputation of good, well-designed LEDs – but visible flicker can be easily avoided.

The solution

Use a well-established, reputable and trusted manufacturer of LED luminaires, who:

  • Values quality control
  • Adopts flicker-free drivers as standard
  • Practices full testing and PDI processes
The product

Anything produced by Red Arrow Electrical Distribution. Offering a full lighting service, the team at Red Arrow Electrical Distribution are industry experts with 60+ years combined experience of supplying LEDs in the UK market. And with a new manufacturing plant in China – managed by a team of highly-experienced supply chain and compliance specialists – they can control the entire manufacturing process, resulting in good quality, proven LED modules.

To discover more about any of these solutions, speak to us now on 0114 279 8999.

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