Tailor Made Lighting at Red Arrow

January 16, 2024

Tailor Made Lighting at Red Arrow

Tailor Made

A bespoke service by Red Arrow which complements our already comprehensive range of LED lighting. This new service is designed to give you even more customisable options to suit all lighting needs for any project.

What Options Do We Offer?

To give you the maximum amount of flexibility within our product range we offer a number of different customisations, conversions and controls. These options are explained in more detail below.

Custom-Coloured Luminaires

Choose from a spectrum of hues to perfectly match the needs of any application.

DALI Conversions

Our DALI conversions allow you to control and manage your luminaires with precision and efficiency.

Emergency Conversions

Illuminate your space with confidence knowing that our tailor made emergency conversions allow you to prioritize both aesthetic appeal and the practicality of emergency operation.

Smart Lighting Controls

No matter the smart lighting protocol, our technical team can provide solutions to suit all applications and budgets.

Pre-Wired Plug and Leads

Simplify installation with pre-wired plug and leads. Our tailor made offerings ensure your lighting setup is not only personalised but also easy to implement.

Red Arrow’s Conversion Department

All of our tailor made conversions are made at our state-of-the-art factory located in Barnsley.

Our highly qualified conversions department team upholds our stringent quality standards, ensuring that each bespoke product meets the standards that Red Arrow demands.

Additionally, some of our tailor made products are sourced directly from our far east factory, combining global expertise to bring you even more choice within our product range.

Spot the Tailor Made Logo

Keep an eye out for the distinctive Tailor Made logo across our extensive product range to see which products you can customise starting today.

Red Arrow Tailor Made Logo

How do I Request a Tailor Made Product?

Visit our Tailor Made section of our website by clicking here, select your product and let us know how you would like to customise it and we will be in touch.

Setting Red Arrow Apart

By utilising our industry experience and skilled products team, we can provide technical and aesthetic solutions to suit your request.

Advantages to the Industry

Providing Tailor Made products to suit the customers exact application means you will always have the answer to any requests made by customers.

Our Tailor Made service allows for products to be ‘made to measure’ for a specific space such as changing the size or even the colour of the luminaire to match other, existing features in the space.

Electrical installers can be rest assured that the Red Arrow products they chose can be supplied with the correct connectors and length of cables to allow for a simple plug and play installation saving time and money on installation labour costs.

Stay Tuned for More!

Our commitment to innovation means that we are continually expanding our range of tailor-made solutions.

To keep up to date with our latest tailor made offerings or to request your own tailor made product from our product range, contact our sales team on 0114 279 8999 or sales@redarrowelectrical.co.uk.

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