Introducing Laser Linear: A Modern Marvel in Surface & Suspended Lighting

November 2, 2023

Introducing Laser Linear: A Modern Marvel in Surface & Suspended Lighting

Introducing Laser Linear

In the ever evolving world of interior design and lighting solutions, innovation and aesthetics are at the forefront.

Here at Red Arrow, we are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our Surface & Suspended range of lighting – Laser Linear!

This cutting edge luminaire is a testament to our commitment to innovative design, functionality, and adaptability, making this new luminaire the perfect choice for an array of interior applications.

Modern Design Using Extruded Aluminium

The Laser Linear is not just a lighting solution: it is a design feature for any interior space. Crafted from sleek, monolithic, extruded aluminium, Laser Linear’s construction not only gives it a contemporary look but also ensures durability and longevity. This is backed up by Red Arrow’s 5-year warranty including 2-years on-site warranty.

The minimalist design seamlessly integrates into various interior styles, providing both open-area and task lighting solutions.

Laser Linear in White & Black

Tailor Your Lighting Experience

One of the standout features of the Laser Linear is its adaptability. With selectable wattage and colour temperature options, you have full control to customise the light output according to the specific requirements of the space. This flexibility ensures that Laser Linear is more than just a luminaire; it’s a personalised lighting solution.

2 switches on Laser Linear which allow the wattage and colour temperature to be changed with ease.

Exceptional Efficiency

In today’s world, energy efficiency is paramount. The Laser Linear proudly boasts an excellent efficacy of 120lm/W, resulting in an environmentally conscious and cost efficient choice whilst still delivering a lumen output of up to 6000lm*.

Versatile Diffuser Options

To further enhance its adaptability, the Laser Linear comes with an opal diffuser.

Additional microprism diffusers can also be purchased separately. These allow for light to be directed to where it is required, ensuring that Laser Linear is able to achieve the required UGR in interior open-plan spaces.

The two components which make up the Laser Linear microprism diffuser. The diffuser & a clear film.

Innovative Uplight Module

An additional innovative feature with Laser Linear is the option of a retrofit plug-in uplight module, providing a perfect blend of direct and indirect lighting. With a distribution of 70% direct and 30% indirect lighting, Laser Linear with uplight module ensures a balanced and aesthetically pleasing lighting environment in interior spaces.

Additional Uplight Module for Laser Linear

Choose From Two Finishes

Available in two stock finishes, Black (RAL9011) & White (RAL9016). Choose the finish that complements the space and enhances its visual appeal.

Tailor Made

Laser Linear is included in Red Arrow’s Tailor Made lighting range.

Every project is different, perhaps you require a fitting where a specific colour finish is required? With Red Arrow, the choice is yours. Get in touch with our sales team to see how we can tailor Laser Linear to the needs of your project.

Laser Linear is part of Red Arrow's Tailor Made Range. This image shows Laser Linear in a customised Green colour.

Easy, Versatile Installation

Designed for hassle-free & easy installation, every luminaire is pre-wired with 2m clear cable and 2x mounting brackets for wire suspension or surface mounting, allowing for versatile fitting options.

Laser Linear suspended using the included suspension cable.

Order Online Today

You can order Laser Linear online today with a few clicks when logged in to your trade account.

Browse the different sizes, colour options & accessories here.

Not got an account? Click here & enter your details to set up your online access. We’ll be in touch with your login details ASAP.

If you would like to discuss Laser Linear with one of our sales team, give us a call on 0114 279 8999.

*A lumen output of 6000lm can be achieved from the LAS5P/B/CCT  & LAS5P/W/CCT.

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