Discus is the new ‘smart’ surface mount downlight coming soon from Red Arrow.

October 21, 2019

Discus is the new ‘smart’ surface mount downlight coming soon from Red Arrow.

As part of our commitment to introduce new and enhanced benefit products to the market, Discus harnesses the unique agility of LEDs with ingenious features that deliver energy, labour and cost-saving advantages for both the user and installer.

Discus has been designed and engineered from the ground up, to deliver the maximum benefits from the exclusive attributes of LED light sources.

The new luminaire features a chamfered ultra-thin profile, only 18mm deep, achieving a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance that complements any environment. Discus can be mounted onto a suspended or monolithic ceiling and wall-mounted but is also ideal for retrofit applications to replace recessed downlights, thanks to the smart adjustable mounting bracket. The ingenious design facilitates direct screw fixing but also has retaining springs with slide adjustment to fit any ceiling cutout between 65mm and 205mm. This saves considerable time, effort and cost when upgrading legacy light source downlights, without the need to replace the ceiling or use unsightly blanking rings.

But these are not the only smart features of Discus. In addition to an 18W dimmable version, the Discus range also includes a wattage selectable option. Discreetly hidden behind the bezel trim is a clever but simple switch that allows the wattage to be set at 10W, 15W or 18W. This makes Discus adaptable for a vast range of applications – all from one fitting! In addition to saving energy, the switch also adjusts the light output. So whether you are lighting student accommodation, circulation areas, corridors, WCs or break out areas, the same luminaire can be specified and wattage selected to prevent overlighting or wasting energy. This feature also delivers flexibility to electrical wholesalers, as only 1 luminaire instead of 3 can be held in stock.

The ‘smart’ design doesn’t end there. Discus also has the option of an integral PIR motion sensor with photocell override. Ideal for stairwells, corridors and storage rooms, this clever feature ensures that Discus only turns on when the area is occupied and turns off automatically after a short time delay, saving even more energy and money. For areas with ample daylight, the photocell override adds the option of ensuring that Discus only turns on when the area is occupied and there isn’t sufficient natural light.

Add flicker-free lighting from an integral driver, an attractive evenly lit diffuser, plus an optional satin silver bezel attachment alongside the other advantages of Discus and you can see why it really is the next generation of ultra-smart downlights, taking LED technology to the next level.

Want to learn more and see Discus for yourself? Contact our sales team now on 0114 279 8999 to book a demonstration well in advance of our official launch on 1 January.

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