Red Arrow’s Rhombus Revolution

April 16, 2020

Red Arrow’s Rhombus Revolution

Suitable for the majority of applications where recessed panel luminaires are installed, Red Arrow’s Rhombus offers a cost-effective, innovative solution.

Red Arrow’s Rhombus revolution – Delivering high quality, flicker-free lighting, contractors and end-users alike can experience even illumination and a solid, reliable performance well in excess of many inferior edge-lit panels.

No compromise on quality

While nearly all competitively priced panels on the market are edge-lit, this available technology rarely offers the best efficacy. Why? Simply due to the method of transmitting light from the edge of the panel; across a light guide plate; then down to the working surface. Common problems include yellowing, uneven panel flashing, inefficient optics and lower reliability. However, Rhombus delivers a solution to many of its competitors’ downfalls. And with a very little increase in depth – only 32mm deep – and a better result, it is more reliable and contains fewer components that could degenerate over time.

Equipped with established optics technology and new, high-efficiency 100lm/W LEDs, Rhombus delivers optimum light quality, with a flicker-free driver as standard. Plus, with an anti-yellowing diffuser, Red Arrow’s innovative back-lit LED guarantees a longer life, improved appearance and evenly illuminated spaces. Designed to fit exposed T-Grid ceilings, Rhombus has a lifetime of 25,000 hours and a dimmable driver is also available. With no compromise on quality, for applications where cost is a prime consideration.

About Red Arrow Electrical Distribution

Red Arrow Electrical Distribution is a streamlined, quality-focused manufacturer and distributor of competitively priced lighting and electrical products to the wholesale industry. We are committed to providing an excellent sales and customer service experience, whilst providing a wide range of quality products at very competitive prices. We build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers ensuring quality and continuity of product supply and ongoing product development.

For sales enquiries, please contact Red Arrow:

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