Red Arrow Announces New On-Site Warranty

Red Arrow Announces New On-Site Warranty

5th July 2023

We are proud to announce that we now offer On-Site Warranty on a selection of our LED Lighting product range.

Are you concerned that the products you buy will not stand the test of time on-site? Faulty products cost time, money and frustrate clients.

At Red Arrow we are so confident in the quality of our products that we are now offering on-site warranty on a large selection of our product range.

This means that on the rare occasion you should have any problem at all with an item covered by this promise, we will come out and either repair or replace the product free of charge. Ensuring that your clients will be satisfied every time.


Under our on-site warranty, all costs are covered. Work is undertaken by our own in-house contractors. Our contractors will visit the site of the client under the warranty and repair or replace the faulty part or product at no extra charge.

With this, Red Arrow products are the perfect solution to any project, as both you and your client can have peace of mind about the quality and durability of our products.

This new on-site warranty is in addition to our standard level of warranty that we offer across all our LED lighting range. You can find warranty details for each product by viewing their spec sheet, from our downloads section.

To view the full terms and conditions of our on-site warranty, click here.


Our on-site warranty provides you and clients with several valuable benefits when purchasing Red Arrow products.

Time & Cost Savings

Using Red Arrow products under our on-site warranty ensures clients have no worries about any additional costs should a problem with a product occur. Clients don’t have dedicate any extra time, cost and effort of removing a defective product, packing and shipping it to be repaired and any cost of bringing the product to a repair centre is not an issue. We cover all travel and labour costs for our contractors to come to the location of the problem, removing any financial burden in the event of problems with a product.

Reduced Downtime

Our in-house contractors will ensure a fast resolution to any issues that may occur. Our contractors will diagnose and fix the problem on the spot, minimising downtime and ensuring projects smoothly. This is especially important for spaces such as offices, commercial areas or homes.

Our Commitment

By offering comprehensive on-site warranty on a wide range of our products, we are demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability. We are proud of our manufacturing process and the quality of products that we produce. To read more about how we manufacture our products, click here.

Expert Service

Our in-house contractors work with Red Arrow products daily and are trained and experienced in fixing and modifying our products. This ensures that our products receive professional attention, reducing the risk of improper repairs and potential future issues.

Personalised Support

Our on-site warranty provides a level of personal support. You, or your clients, can speak directly to us and fully explain any issues. This personalised support ensures better communication and understanding with the issues on-site, resulting in the best possible solution.

Putting You First

Red Arrow’s on-site warranty demonstrates that we prioritise your convenience and satisfaction above anything else. We want you and your clients to have as much satisfaction for our products as we do and should you encounter any issues, for them to be fixed as quickly and professionally as possible.

On-Site Warranty Product Highlights:

Take a look at some of our most popular products which are now covered by on-site warranty.

View the entire range of our products which benefit from on-site warranty.

Rhombus Pro

Delivering outstanding efficacy and in a wide range of options, Rhombus Pro offers the perfect solution for any commercial application.

All feature TP(a) diffusers and Philips drivers as standard.

View the full Rhombus Pro Range.

Rhombus 500x300

Polo X

Polo X is the new, improved version of the popular POLO range. Featuring upgraded IP65 rating and UV stabilised construction as standard, suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

View the full Polo X range.

Polo X 500x300

Sabre CCT

This sleek luminaire sets the new standard for battens with high efficacy, ease of installation and the convenience of selectable CCT, to suit the application. Sabre CCT also features Red Arrow’s unique plug-in replaceable LED strips.

View the full Sabre CCT range here.

Sabre CCT 500x300

Weatherguard Plus

Weatherguard Plus takes IP65 corrosion resistant luminaires to the next level. The range features high efficiency 100 lm/W LEDs and stainless steel clips. The driver & LEDs are replaceable at the end of life, making a more environmentally friendly fitting.

View the full Weatherguard Plus range here.

Weatherguard Plus with On-Site Warranty


Venus is a new range of compact, commercial downlights designed as the perfect retrofit solution to compact fluorescent installations. The die-cast aluminium range features adjustable fixing brackets and optional floating glass attachments.

View the full Venus range here.

Venus with On-Site Warranty


Athena Multi positional LED emergency exit sign is incredibly versatile, suitable for mounting in 5 different ways (mounting accessories purchased separately). Can be configured for maintained or non-maintained operation with self test version available.

View Athena here.

Red Arrow Athena


Jupiter is a new generation of area floodlights that offers exceptional energy savings and outstanding performance, with an efficacy of 140lm/W as standard. This delivers savings of up to 40% compared with many other LED floodlights. The ultra-sleek die cast body is fitted with a multi-voltage driver, allowing Jupiter to be used for site lighting as well as 230V supply applications.

View the full Jupiter range here.

Jupiter with On-Site Warranty

Want to know more?

To view our entire product range of LED Lighting, please click here.

For more information about our on-site warranty, or for any questions you have about our product range, please contact us on 0114 279 8999 or visit our contact us page.

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